About Us

Since 1989, Tunclar Nuts&Dried Fruits has proven itself by stable quality policy with bold leaps and investments. With production, exportation and importation of all kinds of nuts and seeds we provide customer oriented solutions for different demands and requests nationwide and globally. We are at every level of supply chain that gives us leading position in market.

The new&modern factory right beside Gimat Whosalers Place, inspired the sector when it was built in 2005, was the place for production and sales. That modern facility covers area of 8000 m2 including production unit, warehouses and offices made its location attraction center for the sector.

With the mission of being a pioneer in Turkey we set up the most high-tech plant of sunflower seeds in 2011. 20 000 m2 covered area in that enormous facility helps us to produce the region's one of the main agricultural product, the sunflower seeds  and promote of our country with pride at prestigious exhibitons.

Tunclar Nuts&Dried Fruits has gained a justified reputation with the principles of promoting our region and our country in the best way of our country's export sector and modernization.

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