Kırıkkale Facility

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Under Turkey's pride Tunclar main brand and the other 20 sub-brands Tunclar Nuts&Dried Fruits, operates as an innovative, dynamic and being a pioneer since its first establishment in 1979. We aimed to be a part of our country's rising economy and our region's rising  . Processing and packing of all kind of nuts and seeds are made in our modern facility in Ankara.

Consolidating its position in the sector, ambitious, Kırıkkale opened our new factory in a sample of our establishing. Kirikkale became main and most important region of sunflower seeds production in Turkey with production of 30,000 tons a year and continuous increase of growing acreage.

As a growing center of sunflower seeds, and ideal loacation for logistics sector, Kirikkale has a significant place in the sector. Which provides a significant portion of our country in this region ayçekirdeğinin, Tunçlar Nuts from the initial purchase of the ISO standards and quality control, product tracking is done from the first to the final sale.

  • A covered area of ​​20.000 m² on 55 000 m² field, our facilities built with the industry's best domestic and foreign machinery.
  • Pre-qualifying (1st processing) capacity of 30 tons per hour means 720 tons of storage in a day.
  • Pre-screened and stored in steel silos products classified in the full-fledged screening and sorting facility. The detailed sifting capacity is 5 tons per hour.
  • Screened seeds flows through ultimate 5-channel optical color sorting machine and gets ready for packaging.
  • Low color quality particles are eliminated and processed product quality good increases to 99.8%. Thus, the quality of the product obtained in the discrimination of screening and is the ultimate in today's technology.

Both our leading position in industry and our target markets' quality demands prove our highest quality products. Those finished products are sent directly to export markets including Europe and Middle East.

The analysis of the sunflower seeds with first intake helps us determine the product's characteristics and classify them accordingly. Sampling carried out entirely without human intervention, and inspection is made at the modern laboratory. Products are evaluated according to analysis results are stored in different sections. The seeds become available upon request after the screening and sorting operations.

Our Most-Hight Tech Citlekci Sunflower Facility Çitlekçi Sunflower, institutionalized the sunflower seeds by setting up modern facility in industryi. Supplying sunflower seeds with different qualities and sizes with latest equipment and experienced staff we are capable of handling any kind of seeds products that achieves us a revolution. Tunclar Nuts&Dried Fruits aims to have an important role in the development of our region and our country by dedicating to increase investments.